Emerging Employment Trend Mentioned by Arash Hadipour Niktarash- Digital Health and Well-Being

Arash Hadipour Niktarash says Covid 19 pandemic has drastically changed the pattern of employment, jobs, healthcare, and many more. Just two years ago, most people don’t want to prefer online modes or they even don’t know how to access online healthcare facilities and telemedicine. But seeing the present phase, the digital mode became the most common and effective way to access health care services. It’s a fact that most of the peoples are frequently using technology in their daily lives.

Recent report tells us that, on an average a person spends approx. 5-6 hours on their mobile phones while working. Additionally, many persons check their mobile phones about 58-60 times a day. And more than half of them come during their daily working hours. In 2021, the program and experiences regarding health and wellness should be personalized for the employees working, this will provide them a particular choice and may not put them lost in an ocean. Instead, they’re served with that particular thing that makes the most sense for them.

Importance of Health and Wellbeing by Arash Hadipour Niktarash: –

The ultimate aim of good health and successful well-being is to drive you to positive thinking or feelings and sustainable behaviour change. Nowadays, employees spend more than half of their time in a day working on a device. So, meeting the needs of getting health care and well-being at their fingertips will ultimately help them in many ways.

Following a traditional method to develop mental health care and well-being provides services that enable a one-stop-shop for workers. Digital health and well-being solutions having their distinct advantage over traditional programs when we analyse data or make a collection. When you gathered sufficient data, it can lead you to a personalized experience. This may include previous treatment or medicines, claims data, data regarding health risk, biometric results, social bonding, mental health information, and many more. As soon as the changes occur in the techniques of employees, accordingly, their wellness programs will evolve.

Multiple Care Programs for Multiple Conditions: –

Healthy employees may lead you to healthy savings. Launch programs that benefit and reduce medical spending and engages employees with human support and digital tools. Digital health and well-being solutions should embrace the particular fact that every person has different capacities. And a way to manage the issues and the path to get better health and well-being may also vary from person to person.

Arash Hadipour Niktarash proposed some innovative solutions to provide dynamic and ever-evolving plans for each employee. By that, the employees may regularly monitor or keep them updated on risk assessment or any minor change in health condition. Keeping this in mind the individuals remain motivated and engaged.

Conclusion: –

Providing employees with better experience reflects in their work. Today’s employees generally prefer to work in an organization that recognizes their work. And supports them in their overall health and well-being development. Always ensure healthy lives and encourage well-being for every generation.

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