How Arash Hadipour Nikash Asks People To Beat The Odds Of Post Lockdown Era And Stay Mentally Fit

Summary: Are you finding it tough to tackle the challenges of the post lockdown period? Here is how Arash Hadipour Nikash asks you to stay fit.

The lockdown has resulted in a crushing blow and taking a toll on the productivity level of various individuals. Even though the manifestations are different, the consequences are more or less the same. However, there are various individuals who are trying. To make the best use of this time to boost the productivity level. If you are also experiencing feelings of frustration. During the lockdown here is what you can do to improve your mental makeup.

  • Hone your skills

Staying at home is dull and monotonous but you can view it as an opportunity to sharpen the skills. Accessibility to the internet can let you make the best use of various resources and strengthen your existing skills.

  • Maintaining a good ambiance at home

For many people, staying and working from home is fast becoming a norm during the time of pandemic. If you are finding it harder to focus on the work, you can create an ambiance similar to your office to make the environment more pleasing. For instance, you can work from a peaceful corner of your room and stay connected to the entire team. Staying at home does not mean isolation. Therefore, you can always keep in touch with the employees and collaborate with each other as in the office.

  • Exercises keep you fit

Working from home all alone often prompts people to sit at one place all the time. While you need to stick to a work schedule every day, it is equally important to focus on exercises. Resorting to various activities, such as yoga, meditation, and aerobics let you stay active and strengthen your mind.

Significance of positive attitude: Arash Hadipour Nikash

One of the things you need to remind yourself according to Arash Hadipour Nikash while working. At home is that you still have work when hundreds of people have run out of their jobs during the pandemic. To make your home feel like the workplace. You need to maintain the same schedule before the lockdown, so dress up properly. In your office attire and have your breakfast on time. Staying in the office attire also helps you during the video chats and allows you to pay full attention. To the projects and assignments, you need to handle regularly. Remember that a positive attitude has no alternatives when you are trying to cope with the challenges of the pandemic.

Staying updated with COVID news: Arash Hadipour Nikash

Staying updated with COVID-19 news is significant. During the pandemic but do not make it a sole purpose during the day. While you need to stay on track with the latest information. Give yourself a break from it sometimes and focus on the things you prefer, and keep your creative thinking alive.

Arash Hadipour Nikash stresses on using social media

As social distancing is fast catching up, you need to make the most of this situation and network with other people. Therefore, strengthen your presence on social media and connect. With other people to share your story of the challenges, you are facing during the tough phase. Several people are missing the opportunity to leave home and go to work. So having everyone around and engaging in positive conversations can help.

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