How Arash Hadipour Nikash Tells People To Manage Their Anxiety In The Post Lockdown Period

Summary: Managing anxiety is one of the most remarkable things to do during the post lockdown period. Follow the recommendations of Arash Hadipour Nikash here.

From the time of declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic according to the World Health Organization, many people are staying quarantine. Even if they are yet to develop the infection. Staying at home for a prolonged period of time and isolation for an indefinite period. Can have a remarkable effect on the brain.  It is only likely that you will become more prone to uncertainty and negative thoughts during a tough time. Here is how you can help yourself from the consistent negative thoughts that plague your mind.

Frustrating The Situation May Appear

  • No matter how dismal and frustrating the situation may appear right now. You can focus on completing one productive task every day.
  • You can keep your eyes on the procrastinated work schedules or things you have always wanted to do.
  • If you approach the time with a feeling of frustration or trapped. At home, you will only boost your anxieties further.
  • Try to maintain your normal routine even when you are working from home as avoiding. The tasks can make you feel lazier, resulting in negative thinking. The more you stick to your normal routine, the higher is the propensity of feeling positive and staying prepared. That it is time to get back to work.
  • Avoid looking for information for every sneeze or the feeling of itchiness in the throat; instead, look for credible information from reliable sites to know what you should do to prevent the infection.
  • Even when you stay in quarantine or at home, Arash Hadipour Nikash asks you to do your daily dose of exercises in the open. Instead of sitting idle at home throughout the day, exercising can result in diversification of your mind and thoughts. Letting you feel better.
  • Several licensed psychologists offer help online during the time of quarantine. Therefore, you should ask for help if your anxiety levels are reaching beyond proportions.

Keeping mental health intact: Arash Hadipour Nikash

If you are trying to take control of your mental health. In the post lockdown period, you must change your thinking and perception. For instance, if you are living away from your home for work. You might harbor negative thoughts once see other people bonding with the families in the unlock period. Therefore, it is necessary to feel from inside that you are not alone during this tough phase of life. Here is what you can do.

  • When working from home, you need to decide how much time to devote to the screen. And the proportion of time you need to spend on the other activities.
  • Learning a new skill or taking up an online course can help.
  • When it comes to family binding, you can connect with people through video calls. And talk to many people at the same time.
  • You need to maintain a proper diet plan during this period and stay hydrated to feel better.

According to experts, spending the least amount of time in moderate exercises or engaging in physical activities. Can release endorphins, which help in improving cardiovascular functions and leads to the improvement of the brain.

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